Architecte Miniatura builds 3d architectural models and Architectural Scale Models like Golf Course models, Site Table models, Fly By Animations and Topo Table


3D architectural models can transform any sales and marketing presentation from average to exceptional by engaging the audience and making them an active rather than passive participant in the presentation.

3D architectural renderings and architectural scale models can instantly capture the eyes and then the imagination of the audience. Sales and marketing experts universally agree that engaging the imagination of an audience is the first and most important step towards a successful presentation.

3D architectural models can be illustrative of a project that has already been completed - to instantly show its breadth and depth, or it can be illustrative of a project yet to be started in order to interest investors.

Sales are a competitive field and sales and marketing experts know that they need to come up with an edge over the competition. Presenting a top quality presentation to perspective clients is critical and the power of 3D architectural models cannot be overlooked - and, in recent years they have been used more and more.

Many sales and marketing professionals are viewing the existence of 3D architectural models as a necessity rather than a luxury. High quality 3D architectural models easily become the cornerstone of a presentation and bring it to life.

Effective and high quality 3D architectural models must combine two essential elements: precise detailing that remain true to the engineering and architectural elements of the project and precision artistry that adds depth and life to the project.

Architecte Miniatura understands the need to combine these two important elements in every 3D architectural project we work on. The goal is to partner with a client in order to not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Rather than offering a presentation that lack life and vitality many professionals are turning to 3D architectural models to capture the eyes, mind and imagination of their audience. Architecte Miniatura has been proud to provide these critical elements to our clients' presentations.

We invite you to view our many samples on our website and to contact us to discuss how we can help you craft a winning sales and marketing presentation. We welcome you to Architecte Miniatura and our 3D architectural models.


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Complete and highly detailed 3D virtual Architectural Renderings, Architectural Scale Models and Architectural Topography