Architecte Miniatura builds 3D digital renderings and Architectural Scale Models like Golf Course models, Site Table models, Fly By Animations and Topo Tables


Architectural illustrations are critical sales and marketing tools for new construction. Architectural illustrations are effective. They transform a passive viewer at a sales pitch to an active participant in an imaginative experience. The power of architectural illustrations is unleashed when the artist is able to combine precision with imagination.

Architecte Miniatura creates architectural illustrations which capture the eye and the imagination of the viewer. Rather than merely looking at illustrations of a model home or of a building yet to be built, the viewer is transported to the entrance of the home, or the lobby of the building. They can picture themselves living in the home - working in the office - investing in the images they see before them.

Architectural illustrations must be both accurate in the details of the building design and creative enough to add the finishing touches which capture the viewers' imaginations. The precision artists of Architecte Miniatura have mastered this art form and create incredible architectural illustrations.

Sales and marketing experts universally agree that quality architectural illustrations make their jobs easier. Many people lack the vision to put detail on a drawing, or floor plan, high quality architectural illustrations help people not only see what awaits them but help them transport themselves to the site and experience what it will be like when construction is complete.

uyers and investors instantly become engaged and active in a presentation when the right architectural renderings are used. The precision artists of Architecte Miniatura are proud to create the highest quality architectural renderings in the industry for our valued clients. We understand the power and the artistry of architectural illustrations.


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Complete and highly detailed 3D virtual Architectural Renderings, Architectural Scale Models and Architectural Topography