Architecte Miniatura builds 3D digital renderings and Architectural Scale Models like Golf Course models, Site Table models, Fly By Animations and Topo Tables

Master of Miniature


Have you been to the sales office of a Florida development condominium building? Then you may have looked down on H.C. Clausen’s handiwork. Have you stood at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in New York during the holidays? Then you surely have looked up at H.C. Clausen’s handiwork.

Bearded boyish, Hans Carl Clausen is the master of miniature. He creates finely detailed model communities and buildings, and some other things you might not expect, out of wood and feathers and plexiglass and paint and plastic. He routinely turns architects’ plans into 3-D realities. He turns engineers’ puzzles into 1/8” scale solutions. He turns developers’ dreams into tiny realities that they can see and touch and, more importantly, that you can see and touch so that you may buy.

Clausen makes scale model churches, office buildings, schools, malls, parking garages, a 42-story hotel complex and whole city blocks for mostly Florida clients. But you have more likely imagined yourself into 1 of his golf course community topos (for topographical models) or apartment building models. He has built or rebuilt The Landings, The Meadows and The Oaks, The Plantation, evergreen, Cape Caribe, The Palms, as well as hi-rise apartment models such as they Carlysle in Pelican Bay at Naples, Rivo Tower, and Pelican Pointe. He makes them all with such passion for detail that it takes very little imagination to see his creations as real, to see yourself in them.

Clausen’s home in Sarasota, Florida, where he has established Architecte Miniatura – the name is a confection of French and Italian – to build models and solve problems for architects, engineers and developers.




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Complete and highly detailed 3D virtual Architectural Renderings, Architectural Scale Models and Architectural Topography