Architecte Miniatura builds 3D digital renderings and Architectural Scale Models like Golf Course models, Site Table models, Fly By Animations and Topo Tables


Virtual architecture has changed the way sales and marketing presentations are delivered. High quality virtual architecture brings a presentation to life and transforms the casual observer into an active participant in the presentation.

Engaging a client is often the difference between a successful presentation and one that falls short of its objective. In order to engage a client the presentation must first capture their eyes and then their minds. Virtual architecture engages the audience by making them part of the presentation process - transporting them into the image.

Though there are many buyers for high-end architecture, new homes, condominiums and commercial buildings, many of these potential buyers lack the ability to truly envision the property. Virtual architecture provides a vivid image for the audience. Not only are they able to see what they are buying, they can practically feel it and that makes all the difference.

A growing number of organizations have used virtual architecture quite effectively in recent years. In fact, many clients expect to see a presentation that includes virtual architecture before they decide whether or not to purchase or invest in the property. Architecte Miniatura has been honored to be part of many successful presentations with our high quality virtual architecture.

Our virtual architecture projects combine the requisite precision of engineering and architecture with the power of beautiful and precise artistry. This combination results in a truly powerful presentation. When done properly, virtual architecture breathes life into a presentation and can practically become the soul of the project. Architecte Miniatura prides itself on accomplishing this goal with every virtual architecture project we work on.

It is hard to quantify the nearly immeasurable effect virtual architecture has on a presentation. As many of the leading sales and marketing professionals continue to see the great impact of building a presentation around virtual architecture the inclusion of this powerful marketing tool is almost a mandate.

rchitecte Miniatura is proud to offer clients the opportunity to see the high quality of our virtual architecture. We welcome the opportunity to partner with our clients to help them create a winning presentation with virtual architecture.


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